Kansas City Access Control

CCTV has been used for a number of years to observe and capture video evidence of crimes taking place. With the advent of IP technology and Video Analytics the ability of observing and detection has come to the forefront. No longer do security guards need to look at multiple images on multiple screens. Alarm events will be displayed in real time for appropriate reaction. In addition through alarm detection and video analytics we can have video images sent to our central station for analysis, voice over IP warnings and police dispatch thus reducing the need for onsite security personnel. Access Control & Systems Integration. Access Control is a means of restricting unauthorized personnel from controlled areas via Proximity, Swipe, CAC, Smart Card or Biometric Readers. Within our Access Control Systems we can integrate to surveillance cameras, intrusion detection, intercom systems, building automation, fire alarm and employee database systems for seamless integration. Our systems wiring can be home run or IP based dependent on the application.